EXELO2 is the most advanced fractional CO2 laser for patient comfort and performance incorporating a non-sequential scan pattern, integrated cooling with the Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller and built in smoke evacuator. With all of these options, it is the optimal choice for doctors and patients who want both the best results and the least amount of social downtime!

    • Multiple shapes, including Rectangles, Circles, Ovals and Triangles
    • Soft Edge Mode – improves overlapping of the treated areas without increasing the treatment density
    • Random Mode – help eliminate any noticeable grid pattern on treated areas
    • Paint Mode – makes feathering treatment edges faster and easier
    • Adjustable Repeat function – to provide continuous, uniform treatment and eliminate having to fill in any missed areas

Our CO2 Fractional Laser now has more options, with most selectable from the hand-piece.

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Fractional EXELO2

Exel02 40 Watt Fractional Laser Specifications

Wavelength:               10,600 nm (CO2)

Operation modes:       Fractional or Continuous Wave (CW)

Output power:            1–120 mJ/pulse (static)

Beam Diameter:       < 250um (Fractional)

Treated Area:           up to 4cm2

Cooling:                   Air

Output Power:           1–40W

Energy Density:         25-200 pts/cm2

Pulse Width:              1-8ms, or CW

Scan Pattern Size:              1x1mm up to 20x20mm

Unit Size:                      27.5″ L x 12.3″W x 16.1″H

Go to the Media Library for More Examples of the Sellas 1550 Laser

A Giant Step Forward in Fractional Lasers

This design maximizes neocollagen creation, allowing for less pain, faster recovery times, and better results than traditional skin resurfacing and other fractional lasers. A treatment is only successful if your patients like it enough to come back and refer friends. EXELO2 patients happily refer their social network to you because they appreciate how easy and fast the treatment and recovery are. This translates to a busier, more successful laser program.

How EXELO2 Laser Works

    • EXELO2 only needs to ablate 20-40% of skin because optimal MTZs extend treatment to 40-80% of region.
    • The Thermal Zones created around ablation sites allow most of the unablated skin to be treated from underneath the surface.
    • Complete control of treatment, spot size and patterns done right from the hand-piece during treatment. Ports for air cooling and smoke evacuation are built into hand-piece as well.

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