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For Physicians:


The Protégé is extremely simple to operate and the procedure is easy to perform. The short treatment time allows afficient scheduling of multiple patients in a single day.

No costly disposables and short treatment times contribute to exceptionally favorable economy profile. The results are outstanding and patient’s satisfaction very high.


Ergonomics by Experts for control and comfort

  • Light and portable system
  • Allows for safely treating around the eyes
  • Skin contact and all settings controlled from handpiece


There’s idea behind every
move you make

  • Designed to reduce operator’s fatigue
  • Speed and versatility; fast non-invasive treatment, works with all skin types
  • Precision; total control even around the eyes

It makes better experience
of aesthetic procedure

  • Safety profile; painless treatments, predictable results
  • Economy; no costly disposable, short treatment times
  • References and testimonials

Clinical report: Dynamic monopolar radiofrequency for successful non-invasive treatments of wrinkles

Dr. Robert A. Weiss, MD; Laser Skin Institute

All patients completed 4 facial and neck treatments in the study and final photographs were taken at the final treatment. Photographs were judged for winkle reduction and reduction of laxity. Significatly less laxity was observed in 93% patients. Cheeks and jowls demonstrated moderate to significant improvements in laxity and facial contours.


Listen to Experts

This system gives you high performance that is very safe. You are always in total control of its power.

Dr. Robert Weiss,
Associate Professor of Dermatology,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Hunt Valley, MD

Patients in their late forties and early fifties, with initial signs of facial aging including jowling and jawline and neck skin laxity do remarkably well with this form of treatment and I have been using it to maintain my face and neck lift results.

Dr. Jon B. Turk,
Associate facial Plastic and reconstructive Surgery,
New York City, NY

I have been very happy with the system. It is the first time I have a device that truly does not hurt, does not have expensive consumables and my patients can see results. Patients are happy to come for treatments; there is no need for analgesics, or even topical anesthetics. It provides a safe, effective and pain free treatment.

Dr. Nowell Solish,
Cosmetic Dermatology,
Toronto, Canada

Most important, the patients are happy with the results and are booking other areas of treatment. They love that there is no downtime and that they can return to work, home, or exercise immediately after each procedure.

Dr. Lori G. Polacek,
Atwood Medical Center,
Plastic and reconstructive Surgery, Johnston, RI

Patients love the fact that it takes only 10 to 15 minutes to treat an area, without having to experience the discomfort of some other competing technologies.

Dr. Lisa A. Zdinak,
Precision Aesthetics New York City, NY


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