“Free Beam” delivery of MTZ’s or Micro-Thermal Zones provide superior results vs other non-ablatives that have laser beams go thru a plate on the skin.  Efficient treatment of moderate wrinkles, post acne scarring, surgical scars, stretch marks, and other scars.  Ideal technology for those patients who do not want the downtime and seek results.

    • Superior clinical outcomes with “Free Beam” delivery
    • Less patient discomfort & downtime = more referrals
    • Faster treatments…20 minutes per face!
    • Customizable patterns
    • Enhanced visualization
    • No disposables


Unlike most competitive 1,550-nm fractional systems, the Sellas True Fractional FIBER Laser system utilizes permanent, reusable tips, saving you thousands of dollars annually.

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Sellas Fractional Interface

Sellas 1550 Fractional Laser Specifications

Laser Wavelength:               1550 nm

Operation modes:       Static or scanning

Output power:            1–120 mJ/pulse (static)

1–30 mJ/pulse: (scanning)

Hand-piece tip:           20, 30, 50 mm (square pattern)

Spot size:                   0.1 mm

Pulse duration:           0.1–3 ms

Pulse frequency:         0.1–1.5 MHz

Input power:              100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Display:                     Color touch screen

Weight:                      50 lbs. (45 kg)

Dimensions:               38” h x 28” w x 13” d (97 x 72 x 33 cm)

Sellas 1550 Fractional Laser Gallery

Interactive Screen!

Treatment Zone

Customize Shape, Visualize Density & Elect Energy

Energy and Density Patterns

The Science behind the Results.

Thinner & Deeper Columns Heal Fast with better results

Clinical Efficacy & Less Discomfort

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Truly an evolutionary system that delivers revolutionary performance

Expand your aesthetic treatment horizons with the Sellas™ True Fractional™ FIBER Laser system. Sellas has achieved a new level of convenience, reliability and simplicity. Ready to learn more or see a demo of the Sellas True Fractional Laser system? Don’t hesitate! Call (888) 371-7776, or click here and get ready to increase your ROI faster than ever before.

    • exture including scar revision and fine rhytids or wrinkles
    • Stretch Marks
    • Some pigmented lesions

    • This system works beautifully on post acne scarring
    • Post treatment is easy with moisturizer and a few days of pinkness


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