Whether you need a website to be built from the ground up, a complete overhaul of your existing design, a content management system, or just a few corrections here and there, Belle Media Design Consulting will utilize its knowledge and expertise to help your site become more functional and aesthetically pleasing to your customers, Internet visitors, and the search engines.

For clients that need advanced, interactive websites, Belle Media Design Consulting offers a range of software development services as well as our own Content Management System,TotalCMSTM.

Our talented design artists have experience with over a thousand of different clients. Our development team has years of experience with large-scale projects, sites, and systems.

Below are various techniques we use:

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volume and quantity of traffic to your web site by utilizing various techniques through “organic” search results from a search engine.

  • Listing directories are web directories that contain an abundance of information and keywords on various subject matters. They utilize both “organic” and paid placement to gain search engine ranking and filter their results of categorized or local vendors.
    • Examples – CitySearch, Yahoo! directory
  • Keyword management is a technique through which key words are placed strategically within the programming of a website and thus obtain better placement in search engines to obtain a consumer’s interest when seeking specific search criteria.
  • Link building is the process of creating both outbound links from your website, as well as inbound links to your website from others. Search engines use this as a way to rank the quality of your site and assist in obtaining better placement when doing “organic” searches.

Search engine marketing is the process of obtaining better placement within a search engine through the use of paid placement.

  • Pay Per Click is way for you to obtain search engine ranking by paying for certain search criteria.

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