Medical aesthetic technologies involve high tech skin care that represents the combination of healthcare and beauty services into one. It is the use of advanced technologies to provide a medically based procedure designed to cause a significant cosmetic changes or enhancement without anesthesia, downtime, or significant discomfort. These services can involve the use of lasers or other energy based equipment.

These services provide a dramatic benefit without surgery, which results were the rise in the number of medical spas and aesthetic medical practices. Medical aesthetics providers can provide solutions to nearly every cosmetic treatments such as skin rejuvenation, hair removal, body contouring, and skin resurfacing. A Medical Aesthetician or Laser Technician can provide solutions to everything from the removal of unwanted hair to cellulite reduction.

A general overview of the types of treatments available today will include:

Removal of different types of skin blemishes. Among them pigmentation resulting from various causes (e.g. extensive exposure to sun light), vascular lesions, acne scars and other types of scars, even tattoo removal.

Body Contouring: Current medical aesthetic technology, mainly RF and IF, enable medaesthetic clinics to offer patients seeking body contouring treatments alternatives to old fashioned intrusive surgical procedures common to classic cosmetic medicine. These alternatives involve the use of RF and IR technologies and are much safer, less painful and involve almost no need for recuperation time.

Hair Removal: These are the most sought after of all medaesthetic treatments. They involve removal of unwanted hair in a way which causes much less of it to grow back, resulting in permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth over the area treated.

Acne phototherapy: Acne affects some 80% of the population at some stage or another in our lives. Advances in medical aesthetic technology produced innovative, very effective, forms of treatments for acne.

Skin rejuvenation: First noticed as a side effect of skin tightening, via the use of IR radiation, carried out after body contouring treatments. Later such treatments began to be offered independently so as to provide an answer to potential patients’ demand for treatments resulting in improved skin complexion.

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