Quanta “The Story…Who we are, where we come from”
Quanta Aesthetic Lasers USA, LLC is in partnership with Quanta System S.p.A. (Italy) to bring this incredible line of aesthetic lasers to North America.
Quanta System produces lasers and laser systems for a wide range of scientific, medical and industrial applications.
Quanta System S.p.A. was founded in 1985 by Dr. Angelo Ferrario—the 4th person in the world to make a laser (Ruby–early ’60’s).  Today, with over twenty-five years experience in the design of laser sources, laser systems and specific solutions for the OEM market, it is a global company founded on a myriad of local expertise: Italian design, creativity and research, German engineering and expertise in the optics industry, and successful American-style oriented marketing.
El.En S.p.A. Family
Quanta is the premium aesthetic laser brand under the El.En family of lasers
El.En owns part of 29 different laser companies and laser parts manufacturers
In addition to Quanta, included in the El.En product family is Deka, Cynosure, and Asclepion
Quanta private labels lasers and makes components for many different laser companies.
Quanta System clients include some of the most prestigious and discerning institutions in the world.  Several of the more recognizable references of Quanta System lasers include the following:
► NASA – Mars mission 2016, ASI – Italian Space Agency, ESA – European Space Agency
► The Vatican Museum – Artwork restoration; Michelangelo’s masterpieces
► Swarovski – Jewelry; high precision laser micro marking
► DeBeers Diamonds – Diamond cutters
► Metropolitan Museum of New York – Cleaning priceless marbles and statues
► Giorgio Armani – Laser engraving; Hidden and encrypted codes
► Dolce & Gabbana – Laser engraving; Hidden and encrypted codes
► Air France – Laser monitoring; Turbulence in clean air

Founded in 1985 by Dr. Angelo Ferrario in Milan, Italy, Quanta Lasers has built an
international reputation for building high performance, state of the art laser systems
that are currently used in a wide array of industrial, scientific and aesthetic
applications in over 130 countries around the globe.
Without question, Italian workmanship is considered to be some of the finest in the
world. (Think – ). The Quanta Lamborghini, Ducati, and Ferrari family of laser
systems are simply no different. Every Quanta laser is built by hand by Italian
engineers, offers the most advanced technology available in the marketplace and
provides unmatched efficacy and performance in every single laser they build.
But don’t just take our word for it. Today, Quanta lasers are used by museums from
The Metropolitan Museum of New York to The Vatican Museum to restore some of
the most priceless art masterpieces (Michelangelo’s works). Quanta lasers are used
by De Beers, the leader in diamonds, to masterfully cut and sculpt each and every
diamond they sell ensuring your gem is priceless and one of a kind. Or soon you will
be able to look to the sky for a Quanta laser. In 2016, NASA and the European Space
Agency will take Quanta lasers to Mars in one the most anticipated missions of the
coming decade.
But how does that translate into your medical aesthetic practice? It’s simple.
Quanta has never built a laser that isn’t the most technically advanced system in the
market place whether it was for NASA or you medical practice. In fact, each system
is tested on 100’s of patients before it’s ever released to the market to ensure safety,
efficacy and overall patient satisfaction. No other manufacturer stands behind their
systems the way Quanta does because no other manufacturer can.
In the US, the Quanta Q Plus C is the flagship product which offers unmatched
results in tattoo removal. By incorporating 3 wavelengths into one system (532nm,
694nm and 1064nm), the highest peak power in the market, a state of the art energy
delivery system and reliability you might expect from a Maytag, the Quanta Q Plus C
can safely and effectively treat all colors of ink including the most stubborn greens
and sky blues.
Whether you are looking for tattoo removal, hair removal, vascular irregularities,
sun damage, skin tightening or toe nail fungus….Quanta offers a system to meet your
most demanding patient’s needs. We stand behind every system we sell because
we’re confident we sell the best systems you could find anywhere in the market.
Your reputation depends on it and so does ours!



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