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The SmartGraft

Developed by physicians, medical scientists and engineers, SmartGraft uses the most innovative technology in advanced hair restoration for both men and women, SmartHarvest Technology. This allows you to harvest grafts more efficiently, safely, and quickly, while keeping the grafts moist prior to implantation.

SmartTouch – The user-friendly touch screen allows you to precisely control and monitor the following:

  • Speed of the rotation of the punch
  • Strength of suction
  • Irrigation to surgical field
  • Illumination of the surgical site
  • Miniature video camera
  • Irrigation and temperature of the graft-holding canister
  • Graft separation by follicular units
  • Graft count by follicular units and total number of grafts

SmartHandpiece – Designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, this lightweight handpiece comes with innovative advancements:

  • SmartPunches – Designed to create a soft, clean and complete separation of the graft. You determine the depth and diameter of the extractions.
  • SmartIrrigation – Allows you to irrigate the field of view for better visualization without having to interrupt the rhythm of the procedure.
  • SmartIllumination – Superior lighting of the follicular direction and count in the donor area.
  • SmartView – Miniature high resolution video camera displays the enhanced SmartPunch view on a high definition monitor.

SmartSeparation and Count – Upon gentle extraction, grafts are separated into holding canisters based on number of hair follicles. Then they are counted and stored in a sterile solution. This significantly decreases treatment time, promotes graft survival, and increases accuracy in harvesting the necessary number of grafts.

SmartStorage Offers a temperature-controlled sterile solution mist or soak to keep grafts moist and robust while awaiting implantation.

SmartDesign Contains two modules for easy transportation.



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