AFUE is a less invasive option for hair transplant than the traditional strip excision method. Using only local anesthetic, the SmartGraft AFUE procedure uses a “Smart” motorized handpiece to extract grafts from a patient’s bald-resistant donor area, generally the back of the head where the hair is thicker, denser, and genetically programmed to continue to grow. Each graft contains one to four hair follicles.

SmartHarvest technology separates and counts these grafts and stores them in a temperature-controlled sterile solution while awaiting implantation, for better graft viability. Since it leaves only small holes where the grafts were extracted, the donor area heals within 24 to 48 hours, leaving no linear scar.

SmartGraft with SmartHarvest Technology offers a more efficient and safe technique compared with conventional hair transplant methods.

  • Minimally invasive office procedure
  • No scalpel incision
  • More natural looking with no linear scar
  • Virtually no discomfort
  • Patients return to normal physical activities in a few days
  • Reduced treatment times
  • Permanent Results

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