Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy) for Volumetric Reduction, Smoothening and Tightening.

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    Breakthrough in non-invasive fat removal treatment. Sit comfortably and relax while your fat is being selectively targeted and disrupted. Industry´s largest spot size covers the abdomen from flank to flank, cumulatively improving circumferential reduction. Treatment session is short and pleasant.


  • Hot is the new cool



    Picture with tissue selectivity of the BTL Vanquish ME

    The electrical impedance of various tissue layers differs. BTL Vanquish ME automatically tunes its frequency to match and target its thermal energy into the impedance range of fat tissue. Vanquish ME remains blind to non-fatty tissues and does not deliver a significant amount of thermal energy into those areas. Specifically affecting fat layers, BTL Vanquish ME triggers heat induced apoptosis* and reduces the circumference of the entire abdominal area.

    * Human Adipocyte Apoptosis Immediately Following High Frequency Focused Field RF: Case Study, David McDaniel, MD and Paula Lozanova, MD


    Image with Unique Thermal Profile of the BTL Vanquish ME

    The treated body part is located in the high-frequency electric field. The temperature increases to apoptic levels in the fat tissue while the surrounding tissue remains protected from apoptic temperature levels.

  • Open Up to new possibilities

    BTL Vanquish FlexTM applicator offers the new dimension of treatment comfort and flexibility on legs.

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